Not sure we are a good fit for your business? Read some testimonials from our clients. We are committed to systemizing your sales commissions so you never miss out on another payment. 

“Our TelePass team fulfills an important function for our business;  validating carrier commissions and paying sub-agent commissions in an accurate and timely manner. The team exhibits sound knowledge of the dynamics of this key part of our business and leverages that knowledge to save us time and improve outcomes. They are very easy to work with, adapted quickly to our way of doing business and offer insight as to how improve our processes. They communicate with us in a timely manner and are reliable and accountable. Finally, I thoroughly enjoy working with them – they are a breath of fresh air!”

-Mary Pat Cheng, Director of Administration at NetStar

“We have worked with TelePass since 2016 and they have been great to work with!  The expertise and attention to detail that Colleen and her Team provide with commission auditing and management, as well as software setup, has been extremely helpful.  We feel lucky to have them on our Team and are grateful for the seamless management they do behind the scenes on a day to day basis to keep the commission auditing side of our business running so smoothly.”

-Stephanie Schley, Director of Finance, HR and Administration at Fluent Edgeworks, LLC

“Telepass has taken the complexity & stress out of tracking & calculating commissions. We’re able to focus on our customers & partners instead of worrying about commissions. They’ve been invaluable to our business and I highly recommend them.”

-Scott Van Essen, CEO at OnDemand


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